Pyxis Finds insight through dashboards

By October 12, 2017Blog, Case Study

How Pyxis used data to empower their team and improve performance


Pyxis is a social services agency that works with youth in challenging situations to provide opportunities for enrichment through mentorship and counseling.


In 2016, Pyxis was in the process of developing new software to coordinate the workflow for their Behavioral Link services. The software they had been using for the previous 10 years was no longer being updated and could not provide the data their managers needed to monitor services on a weekly basis. While new software was being developed (over the course of a 10-month waiting period), they were manually exporting data into Excel spreadsheets and distributing them to managers every week. This process was laborious; the pivot tables took hours to create and even longer for the managers to navigate and use.


Lion Graph built a series of dashboards that organized the data into elegant, simple-to-use visualizations that could be updated every week in a matter of minutes. These business intelligence tools unlocked insights the previous software wasn’t providing and answered questions that the Pyxis team had not realized they could ask. These new visualizations allowed managers to get the precise data they wanted immediately and allowed the executive team to view trends of their service offerings going back years.

“Our time-management process has been made considerably simpler since we began working with Lion Graph. What used to take us hours to accomplish, now takes minutes, thanks to the dashboards.” – Jennifer Holman | Finance Manager

Pyxis Billable Ratio over first 6 months.

Key Take Away

Pyxis’ business model is based on billable hours. As with most similar revenue structures like this, there are a number of variable costs (drive time, staff meetings, etc.) that are not billable to the client. Lion Graph helped Pyxis create a billable ratio to benchmark their profitability. It’s very simple: the higher the billable ratio, the more profitable the program will be. In October of 2016, one month before the dashboards were deployed, the billable ratio was 2.36 to 1. Over the next 6 months, this ratio would increase nearly every month reaching an all-time high of 3.03 in April of 2017.

 “I was glad to see that our billable ratio increased, but what really got me excited was how our team jumped at the opportunity to use the dashboards. Since we started using Lion Graph, our managers are more excited about what they do and I think that makes all the difference.” Mike Kriwiel | CEO

Two Reasons why:

  1. Metrics Drive Performance–By identifying a performance indicator that was easy to understand and within their power to alter, non-billable hours immediately decreased. Why?
  2. Employees want to do a good job–Most everyone wants to excel at what they do. By providing managers the data they needed, Pyxis empowered their team to improve their performance.

Future Plans

As Pyxis continues to develop and deploy their custom software, they have asked Lion Graph to integrate their dashboards with their new software. In 2018, Lion Graph will help Pyxis expand their reporting processes for other programs and departments with the end goal of creating a foundation of data gathering and analysis company-wide. This new reporting infrastructure will allow Pyxis to save time, anticipate staffing needs, recognize trends, and most importantly, advance their mission of changing lives.